Why Should Physicians and Hospitals Participate?

Many orthopaedic surgeons routinely give back to the community through their charitable work. The physicians’ impact on the lives of patients in their communities is powerful. So why participate in a national organization, like Operation Walk USA?

Until recently, recognizing the countless charitable acts—in particular, the free surgeries—performed by orthopaedic surgeons annually was a hit-or-miss affair. If a television or newspaper reporter heard about a special case, he or she could build a story around it. But all too often, such “good news” was overshadowed by reports of increasing healthcare costs, waste in the healthcare system, or medical errors.

Our strength is in numbers. Several hundred physicians conducting pro bono surgeries simultaneously across the United States create a national story that is both inspiring and compelling. It underscores the value of orthopaedics in improving the lives of patients. It highlights the compassionate, caring nature of the specialty—and of the participating orthopaedists.  It promotes the hospitals’ mission of healing.  Moreover, it gives hope for a better, more productive, pain-free life to hundreds of underserved patients.  
Participating in Operation Walk USA is an uplifting experience for everyone involved.

How to Participate?

The 2017 survey has closed to participate. If you would still like to register, email

To review our participation guidelines CLICK HERE

In accordance with its mission, each Operation Walk USA participating site (hereinafter, “Site”)  provides pro bono total hip and knee replacement surgeries to the economically disadvantaged population of the United States – US citizens or permanent residents. To accomplish this goal, everyone involved (including surgeons, hospital networks, healthcare professionals, and vendors) needs to collaborate and commit to providing an efficient, effective, and high-quality patient experience.

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